New Downtown Democrats is a diverse political club representing the neighborhoods from the Lower East Side to Lower Manhattan along the East River. NDD is inclusive, progressive and determined to have our voice heard on local, state and federal issues. We offer an opportunity for all to join and engage in issue-based discussions by hosting “Downtown Talks NYC”, an open forum intended to influence elected officials and candidates to promote better public policy. Throughout the years our members from all walks of life have fought for Democratic Party values of fairness, inclusiveness and equality. NDD is now fighting against over-development, and for coastal resiliency and historic preservation. Join our community of passionate and friendly people who can provide a strong voice in support of progressive ideals.

2022 Executive Committee:

- Michael Kramer, President
- The Hon. Daisy Paez, District Leader (65th A.D., Part B), Co-Vice President
- Vaylateena Jones, Co-Vice President
- Tammy Meltzer, Co-Secretary
- Stacey Shub, Co-Secretary
- Patrick Kennell, Treasurer
- Megan Malvern